The Technology  

The rasdaman datacube engine has pioneered Actionable Datacubes: massive spatio-temporal Big Earth Data are served in homogenized, analysis-ready and visualization-ready form - suitable for experts and non-experts alike.

1D sensor data, 2D maps, 3D x/y/t image timeseries and x/y/z voxel data, 4D x/y/z/t atmospheric data are handled easily and uniformly, proven on multi-Petabytes and planetary-scale federations like EarthServer.

Multi-award winning rasdaman stands out through its

  • flexibility: any query, any time
  • scalability: proven from edge devices to supercomputers
  • security: fine-grain access control, down to single pixel level
  • location-transparent federation and distributed fusion: access and analyse all data in the federation as if they were local
  • clients, clients, clients: stay in the comfort zone of well-known clients, including Leaflet, NASA WorldWind, QGIS, python, and R
  • open standards: OGC reference implementation, most comprehensive EU INSPIRE implementation and official Good Practice

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  User Benefit  

  • Users stay in the comfort zone of their well-known clients
  • ultimate performance
  • Big Data at your fingertips
  • stay in the comfort zone of well-known clients

  Teams Engaged  

rasdaman is proudly brought to you by Jacobs University L-SIS group and rasdaman GmbH.