The Challenge  

WCPS is the worldwide standard for geo datacube analytics, characterized by its conciseness, zero-coding, and flexibility. WCPS queries are significantly easier to write than python code, and they run significantly faster than python.

Nevertheless, there is syntax to memorize. Beginners ask themselves "how to start with datacube queries?", and experts wonder "what was that special construct again, and what was its syntax?".

AI comes to help. AutoCube is an OpenAI-based tool which can explain WCPS concepts and can write queries for you. Best of all: it understands natural language! As such, it is a valuable tool for quick query writing, in addition to the online tutorials.


  Capability Demonstration  

Ask ChatCUBE any question about WCPS, for example "what is WCPS?". If you want, give feedback on the answer quality. Note that queries are not necessarily always correct, before using them they should be checked. ChatCUBE is an experimental service under development by rasdaman GmbH.

You can help us in using ChatCUBE and providing your feedback. Additionally, we collect anonymized usage data to improve the service continuously. By entering into conversation below you accept this.

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  User Benefit  

For WCPS queries there is syntax to memorize. ChatCube helps beginners in finding a start, and frees experts remembering particular syntax, operators, etc.